Aplikasi Genetic Algorithm Berbasis Android Dalam Optimalisasi Info Wisata Daerah Lampung

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Conference paper Seminar Nasional Bisnis dan Teknologi 2014 • December 2014 Indonesia


Lampung is the first province in Sumatra, which host the Tourism Indonesia Mart and Expo (TIME), which became part of the International tourism calendar. Thus Lampung could become a new tourist destination for local and foreign tourists. There are many websites that inform Lampung tourist destination. Of the many existing tourism website Lampung, yet there are websites that provide facilities such guides guiding map routes with the shortest path for tourists to tourist sites to be addressed. In addition, there are websites that provide information only use one language is Indonesian so inflexible for tourists who come from overseas. The approach used in the determination of the shortest path is to use genetic Encryption.This approach is a heuristic approach. The approach differs from conventional approaches. The difference in the working principle enables the system can produce more accurate information and faster processing. Implementation of this tourist site is made based on android thus enabling simpler implementation of applications using mobile phones, tablet PCs, etc. Implementation of genetic Encryption android based system is expected to be complete tourist guide and easy to use by both local and foreign tourists. This can be made possible because of the system in addition to providing extensive information about the destination they want to visit, equipped with information and equipped with maps accommodation pointer that can be passed by the shortest route to potential tourists to tourist sites, hotels and restaurants that want to target. These have shown the efficiency, time and costs so that accuracy in determining the shortest path between a city is required.The results of determination of shortest path will be considered in the decision to take path that will be pursued. Beside that, presentation of information in two languages, Indonesian and English, is expected to be more informative for domestic and foreign tourists.




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