Upaya Pengembangan Pendidikan Entrepreneurship Berbasis Pendidikan Karakter pada Kurikulum Madrasah

Mujianto Solichin


The Effort to Develop Entrepreneurship Education Combining with Character Learning in Madrasah Curriculum is based on three things: First, preparing alumnae to have entrepreneurship life. The second, entrepreneurship is able to build someone to be independent. The third, Islamic life can control the human behavior in everyday activity. Furthermore, it is hoped to give benefit, and useful for others. Those three reasons above are included in curriculum that give input to Islamic education institution. Therefore they can produce a better idea and real act for gaining competence alumnae. This curriculum development needs two things; first, local contain design. It is a must to do whenever entrepreneurship is in the national curriculum. The second is a competence educator. They are hoped to be able to combine between entrepreneurship education and Islamic life. From the above explanation it can be concluded that it is necessary to develop the curriculum to gain competence alumnae.




Seminar Nasional Competitive Advantage 2012

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