High Density Polyetylene (HDPE) - Oil Palm Empty Fruit Bunch Filled Micro Composites Using Melt Blending Process

Zulnazri Zulnazri • Suryati Suryati • Azhari Azhari • B. Wirjosentono • Halimatud Dahliana


In this research, high density polyetylene (HDPE) reinforced oil palm empty fruit bunch fiber micro composites to improve the mechanical properties were prepared using melt blending and hot press technique. Oil palm empty fruit bunch fiber as a filler reduces in sizes 63, 75, 90, and 106 µm. Oil palm empty fruit bunch fiber were mixed with in 10 mL MAPE 8% (in xylene) solution up evenly. The variation composition ratio of HDPE in filler is : (80: 20, 70:30 60:40, 50:50). The good results showed that composite boards are tested viable filler and matrix ratio 30%:70%, 3.969 to 12.243 Mpa of tensile strength, the value of the melting point (Tm) of 400.05 to 497, 07oC for thermal properties, FT-IR analysis results indicate that the groups contained in the matrix and the filler is still present in the composite board products.The SEM photograph tests showed that the best products are the smallest filler size is 63 µm, and 4943.4 J/m2 ofImpact strength test obtained. The results of this study can be applied as part of an electronic element and the casing, because high heat resistance, is a semiconductor, not easily broken and durable




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