Implementasi Sistem dan Prosedur Pengelolaan Keuangan Sekolah Menengah Kejuruan Negeri di Kota Surakarta

Intan Kartikasari • Sri Witurachmi

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 24 pages)


This research is aimed to find out: (1) The system and procedure of financial management at school, (2) The arrangement of financial estimation at school based on Permendiknas Number 19, 2007 (3) The obedience of arrangement and The Realization of School Financial Management (RKAS) towards Permendiknas Number 19, 2007. This research used qualitative descriptive research method with singular strategy of study-case at SMK Negeri 5 Surakarta. The data resource which is used is information, document and archive, including location and event. The sample determination is done by using purposive sampling. The data collecting is done by using interview, observation, and documentation. The data validity experimental is done by using resource Validity. The data analysis is done by interactive analysis. The result of the research shows that the system and procedure of financial management has three phases: (1) Planning Phase contains school financial management which is adjusted by the planning of activity and the designed school financial management which is named as RAPBS before changing into RKAS or RAKS (2) Implementing Phase along with the implementation of RKAS such as responsibility, system, and procedure at school financial, target and achievement of school activity and estimation, base of law, and assist tool which records the transaction of school financial and the Government Standard Accountancy. RKAS relates to the improvement of access and distribution of education along with the implementation of learning activity programs. If there is a sudden activity and program which should be prioritized in short-term activity, it will use planning of activity and the changing of school estimation (RKASP). If there is an addition of activity planning, the report of school financial will re-publish RKASP which the result can be evaluated and adjusted by new program. The existence of SIMDA program arranges that all activity relates to systematic and procedural school financial activity to use online system (3) Supervision and Evaluation Phase which is done by internal party (headmaster, responsibility executor) and external party (directorate and supervisor). Fund resource responsibility phase is done by programmer party, input and output party (fund resources from the government such as BOP, Project Assistance, and other fund resource assistances). The obstruction which occurs is the delay of fund resource (BOPS) which should be paid by the students will cause the delay of supplying the lack of classroom facilities and others. The undertaken efforts which are done (a) Instruct the guardian class teacher to tell the students to pay BOPS (b) Sent the warning letter to student parents to pay based on the agreement. (c) Inform to the students to immediately pay for BOPS as late as possible in December until next month. (d) Give socialization, routine workforce training, and improving the management of quality standard in or outside school environment to improve school programs.





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