Peta Konsep sebagai Alat Evaluasi pada Pembelajaran Biologi

Siti Zubaidah • Ardian Anjar Pangestuti


In principle, studying Biology is the study of living creatures that are in the neighborhood students. Biology learning process begins since a child to know and begin to interact with the living beings around him. Through these activities a child will gain early knowledge. Children prior knowledge have either true or false. Therefore, in biology learning often found their students who have misconceptions. Misconceptions that occur in students should not be allowed to happen drawn or shown continuously. This is because of misconceptions can interfere with the formation of the right frame. One of the tools that can be used to measure the understanding of the concept and detect misconceptions of students is a concept map. So that misconceptions do not happen to go on, concept map can be applied in learning activities. The application of concept maps in learning activities can be done through the implementation of a learning model. One of learning biology model in which there are drafting a concept map is remap coople (Reading + Concept Mapping + Cooperative Learning). Remap coople a learning model that requires students to read as its foundation, and then proceed to make a concept map before learning begins, and used cooperative learning model in learning.




Seminar Nasional XIII Pendidikan Biologi FKIP UNS 2016

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