Kajian Pelaksanaan Kegiatan In House Training dengan Pola Lesson Study dan Action Research pada Mata Pelajaran Biologi

Rahmi Susanti


Objectives of research are to know increasing of professional, pedagogic, personality, and social competencies biology teacher by planning, implementing, and evaluating of learning process. Sample of research that involved in house training (IHT) is biology teacher and student at five Junior High Schools in Bangka Province. The research used Method of evaluation training program “Kirpatrick Model” that consists of four stages such as (1) Reaction, (2) Learning, (3) Behavior, and (4) Result. Findings of research are (1) teachers were satisfied toward IHT implementation; (2) IHT program could not enhance cognitive both teacher and student; (3) there was no change regarding of teacher attitude change such as late in coming to teach and teacher did not do classroom action research and lesson study. The IHT had not enhanced professional teacher competencies especially promoting knowledge, doing research, writing academic manuscript, and developing of professional; and (4) There was no significant effect toward performance of participant IHT. The research concluded that IHT program was not success in increasing; teacher knowledge that related their subjects, teacher ability in research, teacher ability in writing, and teacher professional development. It means that IHT program can continue because participants were satisfied although the program should be revised at training model.




Seminar Nasional XI Pendidikan Biologi FKIP UNS 2014

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