Pengaruh Baby Walker terhadap Usia Berjalan Anak Toddler

Rohilatul Jannah • Pujiani Pujiani


The purpose of this research is to to find out walking different age at toddler baby who use and don`t use baby walker. The researcher applies cross sectional design for this research. The sample are 30 responden.They are devided in to two, they who use this tool and they who don`t use one. Independent variable is baby walker and dependent variable is walking age. Purposive sampling is used to take the samples. Then collected datas are analyzed by T-test statistic with meaning level α = 0,05.The analysis showed that walking age of toddler was taking baby walker has a mean = 13.9 with SD = 1.907. While walking age of toddler without used baby walkers has a mean value = 11.87 with SD = 1.87 and p-value (2-tailed) = 0.001. Conclusion: There were the influence of the using of baby walker to walking age of toddler. There were hope of active participation  nurses in providing information about using and side effects of baby walker correctly.




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