Developing Teachers' Guide to Use Facebook Group in a Blended Writing Course (a Research and Development in IAIN Surakarta)

Roko Patria Jati


This study aimed to investigate the existence and the quality of any teachers' guides used for Writing Course in IAIN Surakarta as well as the level of need and related criteria for development. Besides, the developmental steps in developing new teachers' guide (to use Facebook Group in a blended Writing Course) were also investigated. This research was conducted in IAIN Surakarta by involving ten teachers and 115 students. The findings of this study were obtained through some qualitative techniques, such as interview, observation, document analysis, and FGD. As the results, it was found that among ten tertiary teachers, only one of them using teachers' guide or book to teach in the Writing Course. However, nine of them stated their need on the proposed product and one stated his uncertainty. Further, the related supports were also shown by majority of the students involved. Afterward, the draft was developed by considering some suggested criteria of development. After being validated by the related expert, the product was then field tested involving three teachers and 48 students. Through the tryouts conducted, the level of feasibility on the procedure had improved significantly to more than 90%.




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