Radikalisme dalam Dunia Pendidikan

Muhammad Saekan Muchith
Journal article Addin • 2016

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 18 pages)


The purpose of education is to humanize human beings in a humane manner to realize the order of honor and respect. This Idealism has not fully run as we expected. During this time, the institution of education is rampant to the violence and intimidation known as radicalism in education. Radicalism in education comes from teachers to students, from the headmaster to the teachers, and the community or parents of students to teachers and schools with various forms of intimidation. This is due to the weak position of the teacher as a professional occupation because it has no protection in accordance with the mandate of Article 39, paragraph 1-5, the constitution Number 14, 2005 on Teachers and Lecturers that every teacher should obtain the legal protection, profession, as well as the protection of health and safety. As a result, teachers are often treated disproportionate and they also have no authority to make the protection of him. With the enforcement of protection laws of the teacher, the teacher's behavior that is considered less precise could be solved completely through the regulation of profession. One of the ways to reduce the appearance of radicalism in education should be started by enforcing the mandate of the Law on Teachers and Lecturers, especially in terms of protection to teachers in carrying out his profession.





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