Peran Inspektorat dalam Pelaksanaan Sistem Pengendalian Intern Pemerintah pada Pemerintah Daerah Kabupaten Kepulauan Talaud

Angel Wulandari Manialup • Grace B. Nangoi • Jenny Morasa
Journal article Goodwill Journal of Accounting and Auditing Research • December 2017

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 10 pages)


. Government Internal Control system is a system of internal control implemented whole in the central government and local government. If the Government Regulation Number 60 year 2008 is performed effectively, it will support to minimize the occurrence of oversights. The purposes of this research are : (1) To find out the roles of Inspectorate in the implementations of GICS in Talaud Islands Regency; (2) To analyze the challenges and difficulties that affect the Inspectorate roles in the implementation of Government Internal Control System (GICS) in Talaud Islands Regency; (3) To analyze the Inspectorate efforts to improve the implementation of GICS in Talaud Islands Regency. This study is a qualitative exploratory research. Data were collected through interviews, observation, and documentation study. Data consists of primary and secondary data. The interviews were transcribed, analyzed, coded and categorized into themes. Data was analysed by content analysis. The research findings show that Inspectorate holds important roles in GICS Implementation in Talaud Regency, such as leadership, internal control, consultancy and quality assurance. Difficulties influence the Inspectorate roles in GICS implementation in Talaud Regency are: the absence of both regent regulation and the organization of GICS task force, inadequate human resources understanding of GICS and lack of membership, insufficient budget for control activities, inexistence of joint commitment in implementing GICS as well as risk assessment and non-optimal risk planning due to time limitations. Efforts conducted by Inspectorate in order to improve the Implementation of GICS in Talaud Regency are to suggest the frame of regent regulation and GICS task unit, improve the quality of resources through education, trainings, technical seminar or office training, counselling, coordinate the education improvement with many institutions such as BPKP, add extra budgeting for control activities, establish joint commitment in GICS implementation, carry out risk assessment and risk planning optimally and develop effective communication with SKDP as well as BPKP.




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