Analisis Multiatribut Fishbein terhadap Jamu Saintifik (Studi Kasus di Balai Kesehatan Tradisional Masyarakat Makassar dan Puskesmas Colomadu I Karanganyar)

Herti Maryani • Lusi Kristiana • Weny Lestari

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 10 pages)


Traditional medicine is now believed by the community as a method of healthy living. The community believe that taking traditional medicine (jamu) is relatively safer and there are no side effects compared to medical drugs. The study aims to analyze consumer attitudes towards the attributes of scientific herbs. The study was conducted at Makassar Community Health Center (Balai Kesehatan Tradisional Masyarakat/BKTM) and Puskesmas Colomadu I, Karanganyar District in 2015. Sampling method was Consecutive Sampling (sampling based on patient arrival to the health services), with total sample of 30 people in each study site. The research was cross sectional study. Data analysis is a Fishbein multi-attribute model. There are 14 herbal attributes analyzed include features, benefits, and functions. The results show that the most important attribute of scientific herbal medicine according to consumer in BKTM is the dosage information on herbal medicine and natural content, whereas in Puskesmas Colomadu I is the benefit of herbal medicine for health and safe for consumption in a long time. The most trusted attributes of BKTM patients are the health benefits of herbal medicine (score 3.50), and the Colomadu I PHC is a natural content attributes and beneficial to health (score 3.30). Scientific Herbs are considered important and trusted by consumers of herbal medicine users in both BKTM and PHC Colomadu I. Consumer attitudes toward the attributes of scientific herbal medicine is good




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