Sistem Pakar Pengarahan Bakat Minat Di Tk Al – Hikmah Dengan Mengunakan Metode Forward Chaining Berbasis Dekstop

Syaiful Rahmans/ Muhammad Priyono Tri S.
Journal article Bimasakti • 2017

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 8 pages)


Based on observation in TK Al-Hikmah in Pasean Sana Tengah village in Madura. theresearcher found some problems faced by teachers and parents in TK Al-Hikmah. When the teachergave the lesson to the students they did not pay attention to the teacher's explanation. Therefore, theteachers have some difficulties to determine the children's talent and interest. The researcherdeveloped expert system to help teachers in consulting the children's character which has been seen.Therefore, the talent and interest can be know.In conclusion, by using Forward Chaining method, the expert system can helps teachersand parents in doing consultation the same as expert work By Using this application they can doconsultation, without having meet experts directly.





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