Penerapan Metode Object Oriented untuk Media Pembelajaran Bahasa Arab Kelas 1 Mts Raudatul Muta'alimin Probolinggo Menggunakan Google Speech Berbasis Android

Moh Iksan/ Alexius Endy Budianto
Journal article None • 2017

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 6 pages)


Learning Arabic is part of national education process that needs to be updated inmethodology, improvement of teaching materials, improvement of education facilities andinfrastructure analification. The medium of learning and improving teacher, innovative, andcompetitive. In order to Arabic learning process goes well, competitive, and be able to compete withother foreign language, it is necessary to master the methodology of Arabic learning. One suchinnovation is interactive learning medium based android using Google's Speech (voice).Google speech convert voice into text, thus it can know ability in learning Arabic language,designed learning media can be effective to assist students in learning Arabic.Principal of MTs. Raudlatul Muta'allimin said the presence of a system that is capable toconvert voice into text can provide more understanding and help the learning process better and moreeffective.