Hubungan Faktor Riwayat Efek Samping, Akses Pelayanan dan Tokoh Panutan dengan Keikutsertaan sebagai Akseptor Kontrasepsi Tubektomi di Kelurahan Mangunsari Kota Salatiga

Muhaamad Luqman Anshori • Sri Winarni • Dharminto Dharminto
Journal article Jurnal Kesehatan Masyarakat Universitas Diponegoro • 2015 Indonesia


Tubectomy or MOW (method of women operation) is one of contraception method that has a bit of participation. In 2012, the percentage of tubectomy use was still low in Indonesia, it's about 3,2%. The number of tubectomy contraceptive acceptors in the Mangunsari Village has he highest percentage 41.89 % of the total tubectomy acceptors in District Sidomukti Salatiga City. The high contraceptive acceptors tubectomy of preliminary studies influenced history of using contraceptive side effects, invitation friends and practicality in access to contraceptives. The purpose of this study was to analyze the correlation between side effects history contraception, family planning services and access to role models for participation as tubectomy contraception acceptor. This research was explanatory research approach with case control study. The population in this study were women of childbearing age couples recorded in Bapermas and KB Salatiga with the population are 137 for cases and 1433 for control and 72 respondents for sampel (36 cases and 36 controls) in 2013. The study was conducted in the Mangunsari Village District Sidomukti Salatiga City. Data were analyzed by descriptively and analytically that used Chi Square (X2) with a 95% significance level and to determine the risk of use, the odds ratio (OR).The results showed that there was no significant association between a history of side-effects with the participation of tubectomy acceptors of contraception with an OR=1.1 ; p value=1.000 ; 95 % CI=0.442 to 2.828 ; between access to family planning services with acceptors of Tubectomy contraception participation with an OR=1.6 ; p value=0.453 ; 95 % CI=0.165 to 4.455 and no significant corellation with participation of acceptor role models tubectomy contraception OR=14 ; p value = 0.0001 ; 95 % CI=4.325 to 45.909 of the results study suggested that in order to provide motivation and guidance for contraceptive acceptors were not involve tubectomy contraception. This can be done by empower a role model in the Mangunsari village




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