Sistem Prediksi Penentuan Jenis Tanaman Sayuran Berdasarkan Kondisi Musim dengan Pendekatan Metode Trend Moment

Awalia Ardiana/ 2. Amak Yunus Ep
Journal article Bimasakti • 2017 Indonesia

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 8 pages)


Vegetable is one of prominent needs that must be fulfilled by every person as a proteinsource. In agriculture, there are some crops which are expanded and cultivated such as potato,corn, cabbage, and so forth that all of them are staple and important food.Indonesia has two seasons and it makes some farmers doubt in determining what kindof crops that should be planted and it often makes some farmers get wrong in predicting theplanting season, so it causes crop failure. And if the crop failure is happened, so the farmerswill get lost.Therefore it is made a system that can decide the kind of vegetable based on the seasoncondition by using Trend moment approach. The porpose is to help the farmers in deciding thekind of crops that are suitable with the season. It is hoped to minimalize the lost.





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