Pendeteksi Jenis Zat pada Pemakai Narkoba Berdasarkan Gejala Menggunakan Sistem Pakar Berbasis Web dengan Metode Fuzzy-ahp

Sintya Rahma Dhani Syahminan
Journal article Bimasakti • 2017

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 8 pages)


Drug abuse can now be found from children to adults. The drugs is a material orsubstance that could influence the body especially the central nerve system or brain if thematerial get into the human body. The Expert system are designed for helping the family,the general public, health experts, and the user itself in detecting the type of drugs. Theknowledge which will be presented to the expert system are carried out using Fuzzy-AHPmethods. Fuzzy-AHP is method that cope with the identification of criteria measured inqualitative and quantitative. The data used consists of 13 types of substance and 69symptom data. Based on the symptom experienced, then the system will diagnose the typeof drugs to display the diagnostic result by user with the calculation of Fuzzy-AHPmethod.Based on the research, it can be concluded that the diagnosis of the patients in abox of questionnaire from the user is the same as the calculation of Fuzzy-AHP method.





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