Total Bakteri Dan Derajat Keasaman Susu Sapi Perah Akibat Perbedaan Lama Waktu Dipping Menggunakan Larutan Iodosfor Sebagai Desinfektan (Total Plate Count and Phof Fresh Milk of Dairy Cows After Dipping Using Iodosphor Solution as Desinfectantat on Differ

Arsy Putri Kencanawati • Teguh Hari Suprayogi • Suranto Moch Sayuthi
Journal article Animal Agriculture Journal • 2015

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 6 pages)


The research aimed to determine the influence of the duration of dipping using Iodosfor in Fresian Holstein (FH) dairy cows to the total plate count (TPC) and the pH value of fresh cow's milk had been done in UPTDMulyorejo Good Breeding Tengaran-Semarang. The material used was fresh milk obtained from 18 lactating cows FH month of lactation II and III, average of body weight 387,21 ± 20,54 kg (CV : 5,46%) and average of milk production 8,7 ± 0,46 l (CV : 5,36%). The research design used was a completely randomized design (CRD) with three treatments and 6 replications. The duration of dipping treatments being tested were T0 (5 seconds), T1 (10 seconds) and T2 (15 seconds). Data were analyzed using ANOVA and then was tested by Least Significant Difference(LSD). The results showed that the duration of dipping time using iodosfor solution could lower the TPC (p<0.01) and increased the pH of milk cows into normal pH (p<0.05). The average of TPC for T0, T1 and T2 were 8.86 x 105 CFU/ml; 7.50 x 105 CFU/ml and 5.40 x 105 CFU/ml, while the pH of milk were averaged at 5.36; 5.75 and 6.10, respectively. Conclusions is dipping treatment with 15 second the optimum treatment to decrease bacteria spread and stabilize fresh milk pH level as close to normal as possible.




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