Pengaruh Pemberian Kulit Pisang Terhadap Timbunan Lemak Pada Organ Reproduksi Ayam Pedaging Dan Ayam Kampung Betina (the Effect of Musa Acuminate Balbisiana C. on Fat Deposits in the Reproductive Organs the Broilers and Native Chicken)

Alfi Afdela • Yon Soepriondho • Barep Sutiyono
Journal article Animal Agriculture Journal • 2016

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 5 pages)


The purpose of this research was to determine the effect of a Musa acuminate balbisiana C to the fat deposits on the reproductive organs of chicken. The research material used were 12 hens of native chicken. Broilers and native chicken were maintained during 8 weeks and then slaughter off. Research method used was completely randomized design with 3 treatment and four replications . A treatments used were a mixture of a Musa acuminate balbisiana C T0 (0%), TI (30%), and T3 (47%). Parameters measured were ovarian fat weight, oviduct fat weight and vagina fat weight. Duncan analysis results significantly different in ovarian used fat weight while in the oviduct fat and vagina's fat not significantly different. Difference of reproductive organs fat happens in the ovary. It can be concluded that feeding with a mixture of banana peel 47% in broilers and native chicken can be alternative to raising chickens.




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