Analisis Wacana Retorika Dakwah K.h. Abdullah Gymnastiar

Bahroni Bahroni
Journal article Interdisciplinary Journal of Communication • 2017 Indonesia

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 23 pages)


Indonesia is big country which has biggest Muslim in the world so that dakwah activity is really strategic. Da'wah activities can not be avoided from press. the most well known da'i in public are Abdullah Gymnastiar. This research was objected to describe the grammatical cohesion in their dakwah rhetoric. The procedure to analyze the data were as follow: (1) making into order the data that corresponds the problem answered; (2) Making into units the data based on its order according to the possibilities of category characteristics relation;(3) the interpreting the data score based on the problem that will be answered; (4) the evaluating the range of feasibility and completeness of data related to the problem stretch. The research result covered reference, substitution, elliptics, and conjunction.




Interdisciplinary Journal of Communication

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