Kritik Otoritarianisme Teks dengan Pisau Hermeneutik; Kajian terhadap Pemikiran Khaled M Abou Khaled

Alfi Qonita Badi’Ati

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 20 pages)


Khaled is one of scholars who is really anxious to the Islamic law. He against the fatwas produced by some institutions or certain scholars, especially, a fatwa regarding fiqh as the final solutions of ummah. Eventually, these instructions are considered to be authoritarian or discrimination for the weak class. The methodological errors in understanding the Islamic resources are the causes of the emergence of authoritarianism phenomenon. Khaled offers the hermeneutic methode to solve these problems. Methodology of Khaled'shermeneutic consists of three elements; determination of meaning, text competence, and the concept of representation in Islam. Using the hermeneutic approach, Islamic law produced, is expected to be authoritative, innovative, and dynamic.




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