Strategi Pengembangan Komunikasi Masyarakat Kelompok Tani Qoryah Toyyibah di Kalibening Kecamatan Tingkir Kota Salatiga

Ilyas Ilyas

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 14 pages)


This research was aimed to reveal strategy of society communication development within Qoryah Thoyyibah farmer association, through the farmer effort to increase organic rice plant commodity. This research used descriptive qualitative approach and method where the data were collected through observation, interview, documentation, and it also used triangulation of resource, data, and theory. The research subjects were the member and the committee of Qoryah Toyyibah farmer association at Kalibening, Tingkir district of Salatiga city. Through society empowerment, farmer association of organic rice plant commodity economically has raised their welfare better through cooperatives system where it becomes the alternative activity in management especially about financial that involves farmer crop starting from planting process, maintenance process, up to crop yield management. Moreover, the strategy of society communication of farmer association was able to strengthen the friendship among the member by implementing Javanese culture philosophy, mutual assistance, friendly and peaceful communication in monthly meeting conducted.




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