Dakwah Islamiyah dan Proselytisme; Telaah Atas Etika Dakwah dalam Kemajemukan

Yahya Yahya

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 18 pages)


This article focuses on proselytism which convert from one's point of view to other point of view in religion contact, that covers two things; an attempt to convert person from religion to other and convert person from one sect to other. In modern era, Islam is missionary religion that obligates its worshipers to expand its missions where it has rules, ethics, and glorioushabit in preaching the religion. The main duty as preacher, he has to comprehend well his religion teaching with various approaches; normative theological, anthropologic, sociologic, philosophic, historical, cultural, and physiologic approach so that religion understanding will be optimal, consciously do the religion teaching, thus it will awaken and return to itspure potency which is purposed to get the happiness in the world and hereafter




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