Internalisasi Nilai-nilai Tauhid dalam Kesehatan Mental

Kastolani Kastolani

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 24 pages)


For a Muslim, the most important and foremost to reach a healthy mental is to establish, strengthen, and establish the belief and unity of God that exists within him. Because, with a strong, or solid, and steady belief and unity of God, his soul will always be stable, his mind remains calm, and his emotion is under control. The role of unity of God gives calmness and serenity of soul that at least consists of five things; (a) Feeling like to be loved and cherished which is needed by every person in life and existence. (b) Feeling safety is every person's needs within him physically and mentally. (c) Self esteem sense means everyone has self esteem in order to be respected by others. (d) Curiosity or recognizing something, where someone has curiosity instinct. (e) Sense of being successful, everyone wants his life to be successful that will bring happiness.




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