Faktor Klinis dan Histopatologi Serta Hubungannya dengan Kekambuhan Pascaoperasi pada Pasien Kanker Payudara di RSUD Dr. Soetomo, Januari–Juni 2015

Kezia Eveline • Heru Purwanto • Pudji Lestari
Journal article Indonesian Journal of Cancer • June 2017

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 6 pages)


Breast cancer recurrence occurs because of factors such as surgical problem and clinicopathological features. The present study aimed to assess the relation between clinicopathological factors to breast cancer recurrence. Cross sectional design was used to take medical documents of all patients who visited Out Patient Department Soetomo Hospital from January 2015 to June 2015. A total of 228 patients were identified. The rates of breast cancer recurrence were 30%, most of recurrence occurred in first 5 years and the peak was in the first year. There were significant correlations between breast cancer recurrence and the factors observed below: tumor size [p=0.01,PR(95% CI)=1.621(1.086-2.421)]; nodal status 1-3 and ≥ 4 ≥ 4 [respectively p=0.014,PR(95%CI)=1.281(1.030-2.593) ; p=0.011,PR(95%CI) =1.289(1.038-1.601)]; tumor location [p=0.00,PR(95%CI)=2.422(1.576-3.721)]; hospital where the operation performed [p=0.03,PR(95%CI)=1.207(1.026-1.421)]; adjuvant therapy [p=0.00,PR(95%CI)= 4.371(2.231- 8.566)]. However there were no correlations of breast cancer recurrence and age, clinical stage or type of surgery. Conclusion, there are significant correlations between breast cancer recurrence and clinicopathological factors, such as tumor size, nodal status, tumor location, hospital where the operation performed and adjuvant therapy




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