Karakter Budaya Gua Kidang Hunian Prasejarah Kawasan Karst Pegunungan Utara Jawa

Indah Asikin Nurani
Journal article Berkala Arkeologi Sangkhakala • May 2016 Netherlands

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 16 pages)


Thus far the karst area of the Northern Mountains of Java only has very few traces of occupation caves. investigations carried out by foreign researchers, particularly the ones from the Dutch, cover a number of caves in Situbondo, Tuban, and Bojonegoro. The interpretation made in relation to the results of investigations in the karst area of the Northern Mountains of Java show the distinct characteristics of maritime culture, which are artifacts and ecofacts, including marine and freshwater fauna. Aside from that, vertebrates were also found as artifacts and ecofacts. The cultural characteristics of habitation caves in the karst area of the Northern Mountains of Java differ from those in the Southern Mountains of Java, particularly Gunung Sewu (Thousand Mountains). Gua Kidang (Kidang Cave) is located in the karst area of Blora, and until now it is the only cave which shows indications that it was intensively inhabited for a long period of time. The cultural remains at that cave provide comprehensive information about the human occupation in their effort to survive. This article tries to reconstruct the living pattern of the inhabitants of Gua Kidang in exploring the surrounding environment to find food sources and raw materials to make their daily implements. The studies to reveal the problems include technological, geoarchaeological, and palaeoanthropological studies. This research employs descriptive-explanative method with inductive reasoning, while the approach is spatial archaeology.




Berkala Arkeologi Sangkhakala

"Sangkhakala" refers to shell horns that are blown regularly to convey certain messages. In accor... see more