Perbandingan Kualitas Pelayanan Puskesmas Kecamatan Koja dan Tarumajaya terhadap Kepatuhan Minum Obat Pasien Tuberkulosis

Addien Hakim Candra • Retnosari Andrajati • Sudibyo Supardi
Journal article Indonesian Bulletin of Health Research • 2017 India • Indonesia

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 10 pages)


WHO global data indicated that Indonesia is in the second rank of a country with largest prevalance of pulmonary tuberculosis after India. The main cause of healing failure in health centers is patients' compliance in taking medication. The purpose of this study is to analyze the influence of health services to medication adherence among pulmonary TB patients in health centers. The study design was crosssectional comparative study using data from questionnaires and medical status records. The populationwas all pulmonary TB patients aged 15 years and above and being a category one in the Koja and Tarumajaya health centers from January until May 2016. Data analysis was a chi square test and multiple logistic regression method. The result showed that service quality provided for the TB patients between the two health centers were the service including accessible location, incomplete indoor facilities and active caregivers. There is a significant relationship between adequacy of seating facilities (p-value 0.038) and accessible location (p-value 0.038) in both health centers on the level of medication compliance. Medication service quality (p-value 0.042; OR 1.66) active caregivers (p-value 0.000; OR 2.4) and otheradditional medication (p-value 0.01; OR 0.5) are the determinants of TB patients' medication compliance.




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