Pelaksanaan Fungsi Badan Permusyawaratan Desa (BPD) di Desa Binabaru Kecamatan Kampar Kiri Tengah Kabupaten Kampar

Muhamad Nur Riska Kurniawan • Dadang Mashur

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 9 pages)


The Village Consultative Board (BPD) as the policy and supervisory council in the implementation of village policy performs its function to build the village, where the success of village development is the basis for the achievement of the national development objectives. Currently there are still unfinished development in Binabaru Village, the society can not fully conduct their aspirations, lack of socialization, lack of member training, and lack of coordination of the village and BPD in Binabaru Village. This study aims to know clearly about the implementation of the functions of BPD and the factors that influence it.The theory used is Theory Widjaja said that the village consultative institution is a council that functions as follows: assign a plan of village regulations with the headman, collecting and distributing the aspirations of the society and take supervision of the headman performance. This research uses qualitative descriptive method with observation and interview data collection techniques. The factors that affect the implementation of the function is the factor of education, coordination and socialization. Research location in Binabaru Village Kampar Kiri Tengah District Kampar District. The research informants are Village Head, Head of BPD, Secretary of BPD and Member of BPD Binabaru Village. This research uses qualitative research method with descriptive analysis by using data collection method technique, observation interview and documentation.The result of the research shows that the implementation of BPD function in Binabaru Village has not run maximally due to the absence of transparency from the village head to the BPD in carrying out the task and the personal problems between the two causes the obstruction of the making of Village Regulation, the absence of facilities and infrastructure such as offices and supporting equipment BPD functions such as laptops and printers because no funds are derived from the Village to build BPD offices, there is no training provided by the local government due to the unavailability of the Technology Guidance Program (BIMTEK) from the District Government.




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