Survai Vector dan Reservoir Penyakit Zoonotik yang Ditularkan oleh Arthropoda di Desa Basi, Kecamatan Dondo Kabupaten Buol — Tolitoli, Sulawesi Tengah, Indonesia

Tuti R. Hadi • Sustriayu Nalim
Journal article Indonesian Bulletin of Health Research • March 1985 Indonesia

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 9 pages)


An ecological survey was conducted in Central Sulawesi to obtain information on the distri­bution of reservoir hosts and vectors of arthropod-borne zoonotic diseases. Serological test were done from human sera collected in the area against arboviral and rickettsial antigens. Three species of Culex mosquitoes known as potential vectors of arbovirosis: Cx. bitaeni-orhynchus, Cx. gelidus and Cx. tritaeniorhynchus, were found in the area surveyed. A known vector of scrub typhus, Leptotrombidium (L.) deliensis, was also found in that area. Suspected reservoirs of arthropod-borne zoonosis in the area surveyed were chickens, ducks, cows, horses, monkeys and rats. The prevalence of antibodies against arbovirus group A antigens ( Chikungunya, Getah and Sindbis ) was 34,06%, 28,5% and 4,39%, against arbovirus group B antigen (Japanese Encepha­litis) was 93,4% and none against Rickettsia tsutsugamushi and Rickettsia typhy antigens, out of 91 human sera examined. Antibodies were found in animal sera examined against arbovirus group A and arbovirus group B antigens in a variation of 11,8% — 100%. The prevalence of antibodies against R. tsutsugamushi antigen was 22,7% out of 22 rat sera examined.




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