Penelitian Kualitas Penyediaan Air Bersih di Rumah Sakit Tahun 1991

Agustina Lubis • Kumoro Palupi • Riris Nainggolan • Djarismawati Djarismawati
Journal article Indonesian Bulletin of Health Research • March 1993 Indonesia


A study on water quality was conducted in 9 hospitals in Jakarta (3 hospitals type A and 3 hospitals type B) and Bogor (2 private and 1 government hospital). The objective of the study was to get information about the quality of water supply and the cleanliness of the water tap in every room in each hospital. The water samples (356) were taken from the water source, reservoir and nursing wards and also 118 swab of the water taps. The result showed that Pseudomonas sp were the predominant bacteria found in the water samples and none of the hospitals were free from bacteria. The percentage of water pollution in government hospitals was higher than in private type A hospitals, but this was not found in the type B hospital. The water tap swabs showed that private hospitals were worse than the government type B hospital. It is suggested to increase the monitoring of water supply and other facilities such as hand washing facilities of the paramedics. It is necessary to chlorinate all of the water supplies in the hospital because the concentration of CI in the water supply usually do not meet the standard of clean water.




Indonesian Bulletin of Health Research

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