Penelitian Sarana Penyediaan Air Minum dalam Hubungannya dengan Penyakit Diare Para Pemulung di Pemukiman Sekitar Lpa Budhi Dharma, Kelurahan Semper, Jakarta Utara

Bambang Sukana • Haryoto K. • Kusnindar Kusnindar
Journal article Indonesian Bulletin of Health Research • March 1993 Indonesia


Generally the location of final garbage disposal becomes as source of income and around this location often used as the settlement of the scavengers. The objective of this study was to find out the water related diseases of the scavengers in relation to water supply. 34 scavengers were taken as samples and interviewed. The result showed that : the higest level of scavengers education was Elementary School (14.7%), the distance of their settlement to the location of garbage disposal 100 m (62.7%), most of them washing their hands before eating, drunk cooking water and defecated at the garbage disposal location. For drinking water they usually bought from water sellers (66%) and used drug well for bathing and washing (33.2%). The nitrite concentration was 1,316 ppm and E. coli 1609/100 cc in the dug well However 23,5% of the scavengers was suffered from diarriioea diseases. It was concluded that water supply, human settlement and the environment did not meet the health standard, so they are easy to suffered from diarrhoea diseases although their drinking attitude was good.




Indonesian Bulletin of Health Research

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