Faktor Determinan Pemberian Air Susu Ibu Tidak Eksklusif (Analisis Lanjut Sdki 1994)

Sri Soewasti Soesanto • Ratna L. Budiarso • Yulfira Media • Sunanti Zalbawi • Imam Waluyo 2 more
Journal article Indonesian Bulletin of Health Research • 1996 Indonesia


The Indonesia Demographic and Health Survey (IDHS) showed that the prevalence of exclusive breastfeeding among infants age under 4 month was 53.7 percent in 1991 and 47.3 percent in 1994. In the Outer Jawa Bali region 56.2 percent infants and in Jawa Bali region 41.4 percent infant were not exclusively breastfed (OR =1.81 CI 1.35-2.44). In the rural areas 54.2 percent infants and in urban area 48.2percent infants were not exclusively breastfed (OR=1.27 CI 0.96-1.69). The other potential factors: mothers education and occupation, social activities, infant care and exposure to mass media especially printed media — showed non significant influence on mothers practice for exclusive breasfeeding. Non exclusive breastfeeding was most prevalent among mothers not exposed to electronic media (radio or TV) (57.9 percent) than mothers exposed to electronic media (50.8 percent) (OR=1.32 CI 1.00-1.78).




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