Penurunan Kadar Khrom dalam Air Menggunakan Cara Penukar Ion

Sukar Sukar • Tri Tugaswati • Suhanda Suhanda
Journal article Indonesian Bulletin of Health Research • 1988


Chromium hexavalent compound, Cr (VI) are irritant and corrosive, and are absorbed by ingestion through the skin and by inhalation. The extensive use of Cr (VI) compounds in many industrial processes makes those compounds exist in the industrial effluent and may contaminate the rivers. To minimize water pollution, the effluent should be treated first before discharged to rivers. The chromates ion-exchange recovery processes are usualy carried out at an acidic pH. This study was carried out to provide a better process of chromate removal capacity than another process including precipitation, extraction, absorption, and adsorption. Twenty minutes contact time at pH 2 was the optimum recovery by the constant Reynold number.




Indonesian Bulletin of Health Research

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