Evaluasi Lingkungan Fisik Daerah Proyek Pengelolaan Limbah Rumah Tangga

Riris Nainggolan • Sri Soewasti Soesanto • Siti Sapardiyah Santoso
Journal article Indonesian Bulletin of Health Research • December 1988 Indonesia


In relation to the serious problem of sanitation in Jakarta, the Government of Indonesia in coopera­tion with the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) conduct a sanitation pilot project. This project is called the Jakarta Sewerage and Sanitation Project (JSSP). The first phase of JSSP has been financed equivalent to 35.6 million US dollars. The purpose of the project is to improve the environmental sanitation of the Setiabudi, Tebet and Manggarai districts. The population of the area is about 490,000. The environmental health impact analysis was conducted by the Health Ecology Research Centre in 1983/1984. A sample survey was carried out through interview and observation of the households and water quality analysis was conducted in the dry and rainy seasons Of the 150 drinking water samples only 38 (25%) met the Ministry of Health Standard for Drinking Water, the remaining did not meet such standard. In addition, of the 12 river water samples, 6 (50%) did not meet the standard. Out of 681 households, 92.7% indicated a distance of less than 15 m from the source of pollution. Therefore the implementation of an appropriate sewerage system and sanitation programme in this area to protect the health of the population is strongly needed.




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