Pengaruh Penggunaan Unit Saluran Air Bertangga dan Saringan Pasir Cepat terhadap Penurunan Kadar Besi dalam Air

Anorital Anorital • Hendro Soesetyono • Chairuddin Hasyim • Maharso Maharso • Daddy Suryadi
Journal article Indonesian Bulletin of Health Research • March 1988 Indonesia


One of the reasons why the use of handpump wells is not popular in rural areas of Indonesia is that the smell and taste of iron. The iron content can be reduced through aeration by cascades and filtration. An experiment was carried out in the first week of November 1986. The water sample was taken from a handpump and the iron content varies from 0,950-2,850 mg/l. A significant reduction was obtained by letting the water cascade one time and there was further reduction with successive cascades. Aeration with one cascade continued with rapid sandfilter reduced the iron content to 0,160 mg/l or 91,06% of the original. The greatest reduction was obtained after 3 cascades and filtration.




Indonesian Bulletin of Health Research

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