Perbandingan Kandungan Merkuri pada Eucheuma Spinosum di Pulau Pari, Teluk Jakarta dengan di Pantai Pasauran, Banten, Jawa Barat

I. G. Seregeg • L. Barliana • Sri Soewasti
Journal article Indonesian Bulletin of Health Research • March 1988 Indonesia


Aquatic ecosystem of Jakarta Bay has already been contaminated by mercury on the average of 20 ppb due to the increasing number of industries in Jakarta and its surroundings which dispose their wastes to the rivers ended at Jakarta Bay. The average concen­tration of mercury in sea water at the Jakarta Bay is significantlv different from the concentration of mercury in sea water at Pasauran Beach, Banten, West Java which is still undetectable. The increasing mercury in sea water caused also increasing mercury in Eucheuma spinosum, a kind of algae consumed by many people. Samples of E. spinosum taken from Pulau Pari in Jakarta Bay showed the average of 0,3184 ppm mercury which is significantly different from the samples taken, from Pasauran Beach with an average of 0,0796 ppm mercury.




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