Hasil Penangkapan Nyamuk di Lokasi Transmigrasi Kumpeh, Desa Puding dan Sungaibungur, Provinsi Jambi

Suwarto Suwarto • M. Sudomo
Journal article Indonesian Bulletin of Health Research • December 1989 Indonesia


A study on the transmission o fbrugian filariasis has been done in the transmigration area of Kumpeh, in the Province of Jambi. During this study an intensive collection of mosquitoes was done in the transmi­gration areas as well as two nearby villages. Two methods of collections were used, i.e. landing collection and by CDC light traps. From this study 7 genera consist of 34 species of mosquitoes were cought. Among these mosquitoes there were 5 species of Mansonia known as. the vector of brugian filariasis in these area.




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