Prevalensi Antigen dan Antibodi Hepatitis Virus B pada Paramedis dan Tenaga Administrasi Rumah Sakit

Iman Supardi • Ottoh Kosasih
Journal article Indonesian Bulletin of Health Research • 1989


To determine the risk of medical personnel for the acquisition on hepatitis B infection, we performed a prevalence survey for serologic evidence of exposure to this virus. During January 1987 through May 1987 two serologic markers (HBs Ag and anti HBs) had been taken from 381 nurses and 60 administrators in the Borromeus General Hospital, Bandung. The results were as follows : Six personnel ( 6% ) of the exposed group (381 nurses) were positive for HBs Ag and 37 (9,7%) were positive for anti HBs. Of the 60 administrators, 3 (5%) were positive for anti HBs and none were HBs Ag positive. These data indicate that HB V serological examinations of health workers are very important, and support the concept that paramedics should be considered for vaccination with hepatitis B vaccine, not only for their personal protection but also to prevent the remote but real possibility of transmission of HB infection to patients.




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