Gambaran Sanitasi Rumah Sakit di DKI Jakarta

D. Anwar Musadad • Agustina Lubis • Sidik Wasito • Kasnodihardjo Kasnodihardjo • Sunanti Z. 1 more
Journal article Indonesian Bulletin of Health Research • March 1991 Indonesia


The objectives of this study is to get information on hospital sanitation. Tlie study was carried out in 7 Government Hospitals in Jakarta. The results show that 57.1% of the water samples did not meet the bacteriological standards and 4 hospitals (57.1%) have mixed containers for medical and non medical wastes. Majority of the hospitals surveyed (85.7%) disposed their infectious sewage to the septic tank, then released it into the river. Four hospitals (57.1%) did not have sufficient washbasins. Bacteriological concentration in patient-care rooms were relatively high (2-49 colonies per 5 minutes collection). It can be concluded that the hospital sanitation is not in a good condition. It is suggested that the hospitals should improve their sewage treatment and add simple water supply treatment, washbasins and incinerators. It is also necessary to improve the ventilation and lighting system in the wards and undertake routine water quality control.




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