Pemanfaatan Mobil Unit Puskesmas Keliling : suatu Studi Kasus

Wasis Budiarto • Soemartono Soemartono • Ayik P. Soewondo • Sk Purwani • Titien Setyobudi
Journal article Indonesian Bulletin of Health Research • December 1987 Indonesia


In the effort to improve the Health Center Performance, in terms of increasing its coverage, Mobile Health Centres have been operationalized since 1977. The main concerns about this programme are the services utilization and operation of these mobile clinics. The study on the utilization of mobile health centre has been undertaken to study its actual utilization. The study was conducted in four re­gencies in East Java, involving eight mobile clinics. The findings of the study showed that the average mobile unit served 2,5 Health Centres and the utilization of mobile units is still low, in terms of operational frequency of services (7,7 times per month). The average of attendance services is 53 persons, covering 50 percent of villages in the catchment area of a Health Centre, and generally most of them never come to Health Centre. The scope of services is mostly Medical treatment, Health Education and Nutrition. The operational cost allocated to a Mobile Health Centre unit per month is approximately Rp. 300.000,-. This limited amount is one of the problems faced to fully operationalize the mobile health centres. It is suggested that the operational cost of these mobile health units be reconsidered and recalcu­lated in order to increase its effectiveness.




Indonesian Bulletin of Health Research

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