Efek-anti Piretik Beberapa Tanaman Obat

B. Wahjoedi • B. Dzulkarnain • S. Bakar • Nurendah P. Subanu
Journal article Indonesian Bulletin of Health Research • June 1981 Indonesia


Brotowali (Tinospora tuberculata Beaumae), Meniran (Phyllanthus niruri L.). Bengle (Zingiber cas-sumunar Roxb.) and Tapak limau (Elephantopus scaber L.) are four plants that have been known to have antipyretic property. To confirm the antipyretic property, materials obtained from The Balai PeneĀ­litian Tanaman Obat Tawangmangu, Surakarta (Central Java) were tested on fever induced rats. The fever depressing effect of 750 mg symplicium/100 g body weight on ratsdid not differ significantly that of 30 mg sodium salicylate/100g body weight. No dosage-response relationship was seen in the four symplicia, and thterefore it is not advisable to recommend the use of those symplicia as antipyretis.




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