Tanggap Kebal Anak-anak Terhadap 2 Dosis Vaksin Polio Di Jakarta

Gendrowahyuhono Gendrowahyuhono • Suharyono Wuryadi
Journal article Indonesian Bulletin of Health Research • June 1982 Indonesia


Antibody response to two doses of oral polio vaccine was studied in children of Kebayoran Baru district, Jakarta. Trivalent liquid oral polio vaccine containing 105.6 to 106.1 TCID50 per dose was used ana vaccination was carried out twice with one month interval to 75 children of3 - 36 months of age. Another group of 94 children from the same district were unvaccinated for control. Serum neutralization test against 100 TCID50 polio virus, to measure antibody strength, was carried out on monkey kidney cell cultures in microplates. Identification of isolated virus is done also in monkey kidney cell culture, using virus neutralization technique in microplate, against 30 Units antibody of polio type 1, type 2 and type 3. The result showed that 80 % of vaccinated children developed antibody against three types of polio after they received 2 doses of oral polio vaccine; 96.7 % against type 1,88 % against type 2 and 64.7 % against type 3. Out of 75 specimens from vaccinated children; polio virus could be isolated from 15 specimens, while from no one specimen could be isolated Coxsackie and Echo virus. The significant of this findings are discussed and should be considered as a simpler alternative method to vaccinate children.




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