Penetapan Standar Nasional Vaksin Difteri, Pertussis, Tetanus: Penetapan Standar Nasional Toksoid Serap Difteri

Muljati Prijanto • Sumarno Sumarno • Pudjo Prajitno
Journal article Indonesian Bulletin of Health Research • March 1982 Guinea


To check the potency of DPT vaccine, standard preparations of the components, namely Adsorbed Diphtheria Toxoid, Pertussis Vaccine and Adsorbed Tetanus Toxoid, are needed. Since WHO International Standard Preparations are distributed only in limited amounts, WHO has suggested that each member country should develop a National Standard, which is matched against In­ternational Standard Preparation. An Indonesian National Standard of DPT vaccine (lot 1) has been prepared and lyophilized at the National Institute of Health in Tokyo. The potency of the National Standard of Adsorbed Diphtheria Toxoid is determined by antibody ti­tration in Guinea pigs. Antitoxin titres are determined by cell culture method. After several experiments, the potency of the National Standard of Adsorbed Diphtheria Toxoid has been decided of being 59 IU/ml. Using the same standard preparations, namely the National Standards, it is hoped that from the same lot of DPT vaccine, similar results of potency could be achieved when determined by the Government Vaccine Quality Control laboratory and the Manufacturer's laboratory.




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