Pengadaan Sarana dan Pemanfaatannva dalam Program Uks di Sekolah Dasar

S. K. Poewarni • Sarwanto Sarwanto
Journal article Indonesian Bulletin of Health Research • 1994 Indonesia


The School Health Program performed through TRIAS-UKS, is concered with health education, health services and a healthy school environment. To run and improve those programs preparation and provision of equipment is necessary. The purpose of this study was to identify preparation and utilization of school health programs equipment. It was carried out in Sidoarjo district, East Java in 3 subdistrcts, as part of the "Health Centres and other sectors in School Health Program Study", which was carried out in 1988. The study covered 14 Elementary Schools in each district (10 Schools with complete school health programs and 4 schools with incomplete school health programs). The sample selected was based on a pur­posive sample selection. Collection of data was conducted by interviewing, filling in questionnaires and observation. The study showed that equipment peparation for health education was mostly done by Health Centres and School Inspectors at subdistrict level. Equipment for School Health Services was prepared by Health Centres Schools and BP3. For healthy school environment the equipment was mostly prepared by Schools, BP3 and Local Goverment. Successful utilization of equipment was shown by changes in knowledge, attitude and practice of the school children. There was a significant difference (p=0,05) between Schools with complete school health programs and Schools with incomplete ones. It is hoped that in the future the schools themselves can solve their school health problems, especially by preparing and maintaining their own equipment. This will give the opportunity to the Health Centre´ s to concentrate on curative aspects for those problems.




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