Pelayanan Kesehatan di Daerah Terpencil Kepulauan (Studi Kasus di Pulau Sapudi Kabupaten Sumenep, Tahun 2009) (Health Services At Remote Islands Area In Sumenep District)

Herti Maryani • Suharmiati Atiek
Journal article Buletin Penelitian Sistem Kesehatan • July 2013


Background: Health services in remote islands are still poor. This study aims to assess the health services in healthcenters and its network in Sapudi island, Sumenep district. Method: This study is a descriptive study that was conducted atpuskesmas Gayam and puskesmas Nonggunong, in Sapudi island. The primary data were collected through Focus GroupDiscussion (FGD) with health workers and community leaders composed of 10 persons in each health centers. The datawere also collected by doing In-depth interview with head of health centers and interview with 30 heads of households inthe sub-district Gayam and NonggunongThe secondary data were from health center reports and profi les. The data wereanalyzed descriptively. Results: The number of nurses and midwives in health centers is insuffi cient, because the areasare quite extensive while the publictransportation is very limited. So, it is diffi cult for people to reach the health centers.Tradisional water transportasions in Nonggunong health centers are not appropriate to the area in Sapudi island. Thepeople's residential area is far, so only on market day people could visit the health centers because of the scheduleof thepublic transportation. Traditional doctors are commonly the fi rst choice when they get health problems. Conclusions: Theavailability of health workers in Sapudi island is still insuffi cient. The available water transportation must be suited to thecondition of each areas. People who want to visit health center are so infl uenced by the availability of public transportationon marketdays. Traditional doctors are the fi rst choice for the people when they get health problems. Recommendations:It is suggested to increase the frequency of health workers to do fi eld visit.




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