Ten-Year Trend of Acute Respiratory Infection (ARI) and Diarrheal Diseases Based on Healthy Houses in Indonesia

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Journal article Buletin Penelitian Sistem Kesehatan • October 2013 Indonesia


Background: Housing is a basic human need that can affect health. To achieve a decent standard of living, peopleshould live in an adequate housing, so that its occupants have a safe and healthy environment. Condition of the houseis part of the quality of the environment. One of the environment-related diseases is ARI and diarrhea. Objectives: Thisstudy determines trends of ARI and diarrheal diseases and their relation to healthy houses in Indonesia in the last tenyears. Methods: This analysis combines two data sources that are Riskesdas 2007–2010 and Susenas 2001–2010. Thedesign of Riskesdas and Susenas is descriptive cross sectional. Research area for this analysis covers the entire provincein Indonesia. The limitation of this analysis is only eight variables that can be used from data sources every year, beside 14 indicators of healthy houses. Results: This study indicates that: 1. Trends of ARI and diarrheal disease against healthy houses are similar. If percentage of healthy houses are high then the percentage of ARI and diarrheal disease are low, andvice versa. Therefore, there is a correlation among healthy houses with ARI and diarrhea; 2. In low-income groups with similar healthy houses conditions, the percentage of ARI and diarrheal disease is higher than high-income groups. The role of economic status is an important point to reduce the percentage of ARI and diarrheal diseases; 3. During 2007, it shows a rise in ARI and diarrhea rate along with a decrease percentage of healthy houses. Conclusion: This study concludes that if the percentage of healthy houses is low then the percentage of ARI and diarrhea will increase, and vice versa. Socioeconomic factors have a role in the rise of healthy houses and a reduction in the percentage of ARI and diarrhealdiseases. Recommendation: the population needs to increase awareness of the environmental and healthy behaviors toform a Healthy Household.




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