Analysis of Prescribing Pattern and the Availability of Medicines at General Hospitals in Indonesia

Selma Siahaan
Journal article Buletin Penelitian Sistem Kesehatan • October 2013 Indonesia


Objective: The study aim to provide description analyses of prescribing pattern and the availability of medicines ingeneral hospital as access components to medicines. Methods: This is non-intervention analysis using data from national health facilities research 2011. Samples: 40 items of essential medicines were surveyed at all general hospitals that belong to government in all districts in Indonesia. Bivariate and descriptive analyses intent to analyses the availability of medicines in hospital in Indonesia and pattern of drug prescription. Results: The availability of drugs in the government's hospital is quite good, except fixed dose combination for tuberculosis, vitamin A and vaccines. Those are program's medicines of health ministries. The results also show that the prescription using generic medicines for adults and childrenin the hospital were 62.1% and 62.6%. The prescription using essential medicines for adults and children were 32.6% and 35.2%. Conclusion: Drug prescription pattern have not been rational. Recommendation: Based on the results, the use of rational medicines should be keep promoting by the government. In line with this the incentive should be provided to thedoctors and pharmacist who serve the patient with the rational use medicines.




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