Descriptions of Midwives Attitudes on Delivery Insurance Scheme Policy in Sampang District

Rukmini Rukmini • Muhammad Agus Mikrajab • Niniek Lely Pratiwi
Journal article Buletin Penelitian Sistem Kesehatan • October 2013 Indonesia


Background: Delivery insurance Scheme known as “Jampersal” is one of the main program in health care. The goalis to decrease maternal and infant Mortality Rate. The successful of Jampersal implementation is determined by therole of midwife as main actor. This study aimed to know how the midwives attitudes on Jampersal policy. Methods: An observational study with cross sectional design. This study was conducted from March to December 2012 in Sampang District east Java Province Indonesia. Midwives attitudes were gathered through questionnaires for delivered during regular meeting at District Health Office of Sampang. Focus Group Discussion for midwives conducted at Batulenger and Robatal Health Centers. All data were analyzed descriptively, through content analysis. Results: This study indicated that most of midwives supported the implementation of Jampersal. They believed that Jampersal will assist midwives activities in attempting decrease maternal and neonatal mortality. According to midwives, barriers to delivery access by health professionare financial and transportation as well as culture and geographic barriers. Midwives stated tasks and rewards that they have accepted is in appropiate. However, midwives agreed to continue Jampersal that program widely. Midwives prefer to assist medical service rather than delivery services. Never the less, most of midwives prefer to serve birth delivering ratherthan refer delivery to the hospital. Conclusion: In generally, Jampersal policy has accepted and implemented by midwives in Sampang District even though there is some limitation. Recommendation: Improving commitments of Sampang District Health Office is concerned with responsibility claims, medical consumables provide and drugs supplay for obstetrics and gynecology service in Delivery Insurance Scheme.




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