The Situation of Health Centre Facilities in Ngada District in Order to Meet the Achievement Target to Reduce Malaria Morbidity

Muhammad Hasyimi • Emerentiana Reni Wahjuningsih • Damianus Djehamur • Yosep K. Paju
Journal article Buletin Penelitian Sistem Kesehatan • October 2013 Indonesia


Background: Ngada district, East Nusa Tenggara province is one of the malaria endemic districts NTT is one of areas targeted elimination by 2030. The strategy Ministry of Health, for 2010-2014 states that malaria control targets to reducethe morbidity from 2 to 1 per 1000 population. The study aimed to elucidate information proceeding situation of Public health center (PHC, Puskesmas) facilities for decresing the morbidity in 2014. Method: It was an observational studi with cross sectional design in 2014. Information was collected by interview and observation of documents at each PHC. Result: Results showed all PHCs already have malaria program, conduct blood examination, equipped microscopic and with have human resources, though there are weakness such as malaria program and microscopist trainings have not been done. Many factors contribute to increase malaria cases and unsuccessful malaria control, however, all PHCs have already malaria program, has conducted blood tests, it equipped with binocular microscope adequate, human resources,sanitarians and environmental health workers available in each PHC. International donor agencies issued as Global Fun. Conclusion: Annual Parasite Incidence and AMI in Ngada during the period of 2009 untill 2011, tend to decline. Malaria control programs have been done in all health eentres. Recommendation: For the malaria elimination there should be action programs, such as screening, enhanced of existing health workers and improving quality and coverage of malaria vector control.




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