Evaluasi Sistem Surveilans Ibu Hamil, Bayi dan Balita di Puskesmas Unit I, Puskesmas Moyo Hulu dan Dinas Kesehatan Kabupaten Sumbawa (Evaluation Of Pregnant Women, Infant, Underfive Children Surveillance System At PHC Unit I, PHC Moyo Hulu And Health Di

Muhammad Kazwaini • Wahyu Pudji Nugraheni
Journal article Buletin Penelitian Sistem Kesehatan • January 2014 Indonesia

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 7 pages)


Background: District Sumbawa is one of the underdeveloped district (DBK), the ratings are based on indicators that include the concerns of pregnant women, infants and toddlers, from the existing data gaps in other words surveillance system implemented may not produce outputs that have high leverage the prevention of health problems. The purpose of this study is to identify issues and priorities the strengthening of the surveillance system of pregnant women, infants and toddlers in Sumbawa, Provinsi NTB. Methods:research conducted at PHC Unit I, PHC Moyo Hulu and Sumbawa District Health Office. Data were collected by observing to see the weaknesses or lacks of a surveillance system, then make alternative reinforcement through the Focus Group Discussion to get the most ideal reinforcement priorities to be implemented. Results: There is a difference between health districts profile data, Health Center profile data and the program data. The difference begins from the data source occurs pregnant women infants and toddlers: which at the time of data collection, at the time of recording and reporting, and at the time of publishing information. Strengthening alternative system that has been identified is building a database, simple data analysis, increased monitoring and evaluation, formation and repair forums verivication of the data storage system. The calculation of priority the strengthening of the surveillance system was decided the a simple data analysis is the most likely alternative. Conclusion: Problems surveillance of pregnant women, infants and toddlers is a process and output activities. Priority strengthening surveillance systems of pregnant women, infants and toddlers are most likely to be implemented is a simple data analysis to interpret the resulting figures.




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