Related Factors of Complete Basic Immunization on Children and Vaccine Management at Primary Health Care and Health Post in X Subdistrict Depok City

Tri Afriani • Retnosari Andrajati • Sudibyo Supardi
Journal article Buletin Penelitian Sistem Kesehatan • April 2014

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 8 pages)


Background:Immunization is an effective primary prevention against infectious diseases on children. The purpose of this study was to determine the related factors to the completeness of basic immunization on children and vaccine management at primary health care and posyandu in X Subdistric, Depok City. Methods:The study used a cross-sectional design with a sample of 140 mothers of children aged at least 11 months, and qualitatif study about vaccines management. Mother and child data collection using questionnaires and child health card (Kartu Menuju Sehat) in December 2012–May 2013. Vaccine management data was collected at 2 primary health care and 2 posyandu with interview and observation. Data analysis was performed with Chi-square test. result:The largest percentage of mothers who have children under the age of at least 11 months of age <30 years, at least graduated from junior high school education, no work, have a low knowledge about immunization. Vaccine management in clinics and neighborhood health center for storage after use of vaccines in posyandu not be returned to the community health center, recording and reporting is not done on the book of the records so that the possibility of scattered or lost, and the person in charge of managing the vaccine instead of pharmacy personnel. Residual use of the vaccine in posyandu not directly returned to the health center. Recording the use of vaccines in posyandu not carried on the books, so it is probable scattered or lost. Manager vaccine at primary health care should a technical pharmacy in accordance with Government Regulation No. 51 of 2009 conclusion: Completeness of basic immunization of children under one years old (82,9%), incomplete biggest measles immunization (15,0%). Factors parental characteristics (age, education, occupation, knowledge) and the availability of the vaccine were not significantly associated with children complete basic immunization. recommendation: Improving health promotion to increase the parents knowledge on immunizations beneficial.




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